You’ve just had your baby.  It’s been six weeks and you’re ready to start thinking about heading back to the gym…but the logistics aren’t quite right.  Even though there’s a creche the idea of leaving your brand new bundle in there is not an option.  End result?  You don’t go.

We’ve all been there and we know about the benefits of physical exercise – not only for our bodies and increased energy levels – but also the huge benefits for our mental health – especially important in new mums.

If separation anxiety is what’s preventing you from going, then let the gym come to you!  London based Moose X-Training, has just launched their first postnatal package that works on your terms – they can come to your house or you can meet up in a park…best of all, baby makes three.  A six week program, based on two sessions a week costs £450 and will give you that push you need to get back into shape as well as that energy boost we all need.

The program is based on the following:

  • 12 session programme (2 sessions per week, for 6 weeks).
  • PT sessions when you want them, where you want them…either in the comfort of your home or at a park nearby… no need to get a sitter or leave your precious one at a gym creche… you can bring baby along to the park… or invite a fellow new mum to join you at no extra charge!
  • Bespoke regime calibrated for each mum’s individual objectives and weaknesses, with special consideration for the delivery you experienced.

That works out to £37.50 per session – cheaper than most gyms.  Who says you need to be a celebrity or uber rich to have a personal trainer?

To book a session or learn more about Moose X-Training, please visit:





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