All too often we see Christmas decor that is gaudy, garish and downright cheap-looking. Plastic reindeer abound, “Santa stop here” signs plaster over doorways, and lights flash blindingly from every possible nook and cranny. It kind of makes you want to eschew any extra decorating past what is strictly necessary; put up a tree, chuck some lights on it and be done with it.

It is however, possible to make your home feel dressed-up and Christmassy while maintaining a sense of grown-up style and decency. Forget about the Santas and Rudolphs, and stick with a natural wintry decor scheme that can stay up all season and needn’t be banished to a box in the garage the minute the 26th of December hits.





Juicy Berry Twig from Withycombe Fair £3.99







Pine Tree Cone Decoration from John Lewis £3.00







Stem Bowl from £39.99







Pebble Cube Picture from Garden Beet £16.99




This posting was contributed by Liivi Hess of Magnolia Hill Interiors,






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