The little moments are what make memories…whether it’s their first steps, going across the monkey bars all by themselves or puddle jumping after a big rain storm.  It’s those times you wish you had your camera when sadly you don’t. However, most people always  have their phones with them.  Thankfully, Eugene Murphy – a father of four, realized how much time he and others were documenting their family’s life with phones instead of a cameras and had his eureka moment which lead to Tweekaboo.

Tweekaboo is a free downloadable APP, that allows you to store your texts, photos and videos in a secure online environment.  The APP merges with your camera and eliminates that extra step of downloading to your computer.  So all you need to do is document, write a little note to go with the video or picture and it’s instantly uploaded to the Tweekaboo environment.  Safe and secure.

In addition to acting as your online diary, friends and family can be granted access to view your profile so they can share in these special moments as well.  No more group emails!  Life happens on the go and Tweekaboo comes along for the journey.

The Tweekaboo APP is currently still in beta phase, which they are offering for free…so sign up and start capturing.

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  1. Judy Walsh Reply

    I have been using Tweekaboo for 3 months now and I think its absolutely brilliant! Its so easy to use and a great place to store all the pictures of my little girl..I lost my phone last month but I still had all my photos because I saved them using the app! 🙂

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